As most of you are probably informed, Xtream Codes (the main IPTV software) is permanently shut down and most of the IPTV providers worldwide are down or have issues with many channels groups. 

We already migrated to our own platform and our team is working hard to fix everything.


UPDATE 17th October: We have a great news!!! Many many new fixes are made and we are stable!

Many of the popular channels have 2-3 versions (SD, HD, FHD). If one of them is down, the other very likely will work fine. 
In some cases we add HD source on a SD named stream and vise versa. This way our customers will have more options and won't miss any important live match or popular movie/series. 

UPDATE 14th October: We are receiving multiple requests which channels groups are fixed. Our list is big, fixes are made every day, so if you're a new client the best thing is to test our service with 24 hours trial. 

UPDATE 13th October: One part and the most important channels from the French group has been fixed.

UPDATE 12th October: We did major fixing with Portugal, Spain and Denmark. The French group is next.


UPDATE 10th October: We are doing major fixes with the US and UK channel group. Many channels now are back and soon it will be finished. 
Spanish group is in progress too.

UPDATE 9th October: Our VPN access is available again. This means you can use our service with your VPN, but you have to request it from the contact form, so we can activate the VPN access to your subscription. To not be confused, we do not provide VPN, our service can be accessed with VPN.
VPN is recommended only if the streaming problems are caused by your local ISP blocking.

UPDATE 8th October: There are still unstable sources to some channels groups and we are working on.

UPDATE 5th October: Couple of the sources went down, but we've managed to set them back. New fixes are made and sports channels are stable, so you won't miss any live match. We have added 4K channels. Soon we will update our channels list as soon as we fix the other groups with issues.

UPDATE 2nd October: We are fixing 4 groups more today, including the most popular. We wish to thank to all your good feedbacks via our contact form. Thank you for your support and your patience.

UPDATE 1st October: Currently every IPTV provider (without exception) has issues with many channel groups. Some of the sources are back and we've already fixed 9 countries groups.
Large number of local popular channels are fixed too.
The other sources are still down and we are looking for any solution, so we can fix them too.

UPDATE 29th September: Most of the sports channels have been fixed. 6 countries groups has been fully fixed...still to come.


UPDATE 27th September: We have finished the migration process and currently we are fixing the channels.

UPDATE 25th September: We have a good progress and very soon we will be able to start fixing.


By the way, in case you're not familiar, we've activated a new support with a ticketing system, so we can provide faster and better customer service.
If you wish to contact us, just click on Contact link from the main menu.

YeahIPTV team