FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

- Which device you recommend for IPTV?

Our recommendation is to use high or middle class Android boxes such as Nvidia Shield TV, Xiaomi Mi Box S, Formuler or Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K.

- Do I have to use a VPN?

You should use a VPN if your internet service provider is blocking or throttling your connection.
ATTENTION: ExpressVPN has unstable servers and their IP address is constantly changing. Please avoid this VPN service!

- Which VPN you recommend for IPTV?

We recommend Surfshark, NordVPN, Hotspot Shield and Cyberghost. 

- I have VPN enabled but I cannot open any channel.
For security reasons our service is not available with VPN by default. You must contact us and we will activate the VPN access to your subscription.

– I’m getting buffering / freezings frequently. Why is this happening?

First thing to do is to restart your router, device and try again. If you use a router from your internet service provider, login and make sure you disable the firewall.
If the issue still continues, you have to test the internet speed directly from your device.
Open this website: www.fast.com directly from your streaming device. The result should be 20 Mbps or higher.
If your device is not getting the proper speed or your internet provider is throtlling your connection, you’ll experience buffering.

– I'm getting constantly buffering / blocking.

This means your internet provider is throttling or blocking your connection. Many internet service providers in UK and US (sometimes from other countries too) are having this restriction and the only solution for this is to use a VPN. When you setup a VPN, make sure you contact us first, so we can allow the VPN access to your subscription, otherwise you won't be able to open any channel.

- I want to extend / renew the same subscription and I already got VPN access. Should I ask again for a VPN when I extend / renew?
No, once the VPN access is enabled per subscription line, it will stay always enabled.

- What if I want to extend my subscription without waiting to expire, will I loose the left of the days or will be added it to my subscription?
You can extend your subscription whenever you decide and it will be added to your subscription, so you won't loose any day. When you extend any package, let us know by email and we will add the chosen package to your subscription.

- Do you support MAG device, STB Emu or Smart STB?
Yes, we support them, although we don't recommend to use because of the security issues with the Stalker (MAG portal).
The recommended way for watching IPTV is using Xtream Codes or m3u.

– I’m using Smart IPTV and I’m getting issues like “Server (URL) connection timeout”, “Check playlist URL” or “No playlist uploaded” messages, when starting the app, while my playlist URL that works on my computer, other devices and apps.

“Server (URL) connection timeout” – This means you have issue with your internet connection or your TV cannot handle such a big playlist.

TV devices have limited memory available for app storage, so if the playlist is too big (>5 Mb), it will fail to save in TV's memory.

The solution for this is to contact us, we will remove the VOD and the application will work fine.

“Check playlist URL” – This means you haven’t uploaded your playlist properly or your subscription has been expired.

“No playlist uploaded” – This means you haven’t uploaded any playlist.

– I’m using MAG/MAG portal and I’m getting this error: “STB Blocked. Call the provider”.

This notice means:
1. You have setup our portal URL properly but you didn’t sent your MAC address for activation.
2. Your subscription has been expired.

– VLC freezes when I paste the m3u link. Why it’s not working?

As it’s stated on our tutorial, VLC loads very slow the full playlist and it’s unstable. You should contact us and we will remove the VOD, so you can watch Live TV without issues.

– I’m using VLC and when I open the playlist I’m getting very low number of channels.

That’s because you’ve opened the playlist link directly with VLC and that’s wrong setup. Check our tutorial here to to setup properly.

– I’m using KODI and when I try to setup it doesn’t show the channels.

As it’s already stated in the tutorials section, KODI doesn’t work stable with a big playlist, so you should contact us and we will remove the VOD package.
We advice you to avoid using Kodi. It's unstable for IPTV and there are many better applications.

– When my subscription expire, what will happen? Will it be automatic renewed?

No, we don’t renew any subscription automatically. If you wish to continue to use our service, simply order a package from our website and after the payment, we will renew your subscription and you won’t need to do any setup again.

– Can I pay with Paypal?

No, we don’t work with Paypal. Since their new terms from 16 June 2020, Paypal will not support the IPTV, so every user should be aware of that and avoid Paypal at any cost!

– Do you offer free trial?

No, we don’t. To avoid any abuse with trials, our price is 2 dollars and you can purchase from the order page.

– I see one channel has HD, SD, FHD but HD is not working. Why is that?

Many of the popular channels have 2-3 versions (SD, HD, FHD). If one of them is down, the other very likely will work fine. In some cases we add HD source on a SD named stream and vise versa. This way our customers will have more options and won’t miss any important live match or popular movie/series.

– What is the channel quality?

We provide SD, HD, FHD and 4K channels. You can check our channels list for more information. Some channels may increase or decrease the quality.

– What is the required internet speed to watch IPTV?

For SD channels, you need to have at least 5 mbps.
For HD channels, you need to have at least 10 Mbps.
For FHD channels, you need to have at least 15 Mbps.

Our servers are located in Europe, so it should be tested with European servers.

– Can I watch IPTV from a different locations?

Yes, you can setup your subscription line on any device and any location in the world. All you need is stable internet connection.

– Can I watch from two or more devices at the same time?

If you have subscription with 1 connection, you can use it for only one device at the same time. We also offer subscriptions with 2 connections.

– Can you guarantee that all channels will work?

Our channels list is really big, there are 4800+ Live channels. Some may be unavailable due to technical issues or maintenance.

– Do you provide EPG?

Yes, all our subscribers can have access to our EPG database and can watch with no extra cost.
Many applications will load our EPG automatically. If in case you're using application that needs to add the EPG manually, please contact us and we will send you the EPG link.

- Do you offer Catch-up?

We don't offer Catch-up due to numerous live channels (4800+) we offer.

- Is there information on which channel can I watch my favorite football match?

Yes, on this website you can check all available live matches on which channel will be broadcasted: www.liveonsat.com

Refund Policy

We DO NOT issue refunds for any subscription products once the order is confirmed and the subscription is sent.

If you experience any difficulties to setup, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help.