How to setup YeahIPTV with TiviMate

Important notice: Additional features such as VOD, setup favorites, changing the remote control functions, channel up/down, EPG settings etc. are not available on the Free version of TiviMate. 
Here you can check how to purchase the Premium version.

Search on Google Play this application: TiviMate.

Download and install it. If you're using Amazon Fire Stick TV, here you can check how to download TiviMate.

Open the app. It would be displayed a screen with link ADD PLAYLIST. Press OK on your remote control.

On the next screen choose the Xtream Codes login.

Choose Next. On the next screen you'll see these fields: Server address, Username, Password and Include VOD.

Once you purchase a package on your email we will send you a m3u.

It will look like this:

Take a look of these parts: 123456 and 56789. In this example 123456 is the username and 56789 is the password. In your case they will be different and you should put them in TiviMate.
So, it goes like this:

Server address:
Username: the username from your m3u
Password: the password from your m3u

Choose Next and after couple of seconds the list will be loaded. Using this method, the EPG will load automatically.

Disclaimer: We (YeahIPTV) don't own any IPTV application and we are not affiliate to any IPTV application.
We support most of the IPTV applications available and you have freedom to choose which one to use, although our recommended applications on our tutorial section are tested by our team and they are working properly.